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What's already lurking in your #SelfCare Tool Box?

Tools for your #selfcare

Some years ago, I wrote about having an appropriate tool box for when you feel you have to fake it till you make it. Today, I'd like to switch the focus to what's already there in that tool box.

During this troublesome year (or as I plan to refer to it ever after "the year which shall not be mentioned"), a blogging friend posed the question "Which Three Personality Traits are helping you deal with Today?" She recalled this question being asked during training she'd received in creating positive coping skills and behaviour - for what better to add to your tool box, than #SelfKnowledge?

The instructions stress the exercise isn't about who you are in terms of your relationship or personal status (you know wife, mother, brother, uncle), nor your profession, job title, interests or hobbies. No, this is an exercise in self-awareness, about individual personal traits - whether they be strength or weakness. To help you carry out this piece of data gathering, here's the Personality Trait list they used in the exercise, but if you don't find what you need there, here's a link to some more on Pinterest.

As you set to selecting your traits, please be on the look out for those traits which aren't your typical everyday behaviours - but are ones you've called upon in challenging situations.

To give you an example, when the question was asked by my blogging friend in the height of 2020's lockdown, I browsed the list and was surprised by my third selection - for along with Pragmatic and Understanding, what jumped out at me was Quiet. Now I don't know anyone who'd select that word to describe me, but over the years I've been learning about the power of quietness, and about the effectiveness of not giving in to expressing thoughts and feelings without reflection, and that learning has stood me in such good stead during this troubled time. Now I'm not going to suggest that Quietness would be of any use to me if I needed to host a party or speak on stage, but when faced with difficult and potentially divisive times, the ability to be Quiet has proven to be such a useful skill, and so now forms part of my #SelfCare toolbox.

When you're done, take a fresh look at your list of traits, and consider how they could prove useful to you in facing challenges. If you group some together, do they form a powerful skill set? Different traits will prove valuable in different situations, and by doing this work ahead of time, you'll know what you already have within you, so it can be called upon when you need it.

Let that #SelfKnowledge allow you to feel not only prepared, but empowered to face whatever is ahead of you.

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