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Have you chosen 2021's Word of the Year yet?

If you're allowing the unexpected nature of 2020 to persuade you that you've no control whatsoever over life and thinking "what's the point?" - I get that... and I sympathise. But can I ask you to take a moment to consider the Serenity Prayer...

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference"

There's a reason why this is the mantra for those in recovery, for it is an unavoidable truth that while you cannot control everything in life, you can control how you react.

For 2020 I selected "Act!" as my Word of the Year. Now I'm not going to pretend my idea of how that was going to pan out came anywhere near to happening. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have been guided by my Word throughout this decidedly difficult year.

Those areas of my life where I've been able to make choices independently of regulations, I know I've benefitted from choosing to take action instead of following a wait-and-see policy. But, in all honesty, most of the "action" I've taken has been around mindset - in deciding how best to cope with the circumstances, in seeking out and trying new practices or routines I could follow to help maintain a position outlook. I have a tendency to let fate to dictate my path, but this year, instead of putting things onto a 'try sometime' list, I've focussed on doing stuff, on decision-making and taking action. And in a year where very little has been within my control, taking positive action with regard to my mental health has made a huge difference.

While 2021 dawns with hope, it's important to accept that there is still hard work ahead for us all. So, what will be your focus for the coming year? We will all need the qualities of acceptance, courage and wisdom. but more than ever, it seems important that you choose your Word... to set your focus and to determine how you will be guided. I cannot tell you what my word will be yet, for I'll be sitting down to follow the process as soon as I've finished this. I encourage you to do likewise.

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I wish you a peaceful and safe 2021 - may you enjoy not only the green shoots of spring when it arrives, but those of the new life you choose for yourself.

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