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What did you achieve in 2015?

What did you achieve in 2015? A bit like that song: “what did you do today to make you feel proud?” I’ve stolen this idea from another blogger – isn’t it a lovely positive one? Rather than the “what I didn’t get done” list that we use to beat ourselves up with, it’s a far better way of putting aside the old year and transitioning into the new one. Ending one year on an upbeat note is more likely to lead to starting the new one the same way.

That list could contain some professionally related achievements – for me, building this website during 2015 was one task which gave me much satisfaction. There would surely be some personal achievements too – for me, having moved into a small apartment, I’m happy to say that I met my goal to declutter throughout the year and its enabled me to avoid feeling overwhelmed. I’ve not felt under pressure to make huge decisions and – having nibbled at it in regular bites – its surprising what I felt I could part with at the end of the year as opposed to the beginning!

So, did you “Kondo” your home, make time for a new hobby, ensure that you have sufficient “me” time, regularly schedule date nights with your partner – especially now that you have children. Perhaps some health related ones – a new healthy eating regime now being the norm, getting a dog and walking it twice daily, taking up yoga. The achievements could be large or small – helping your child to make a smooth transition from a small local primary into a large secondary school, completing a home study course, qualifying for a new profession, volunteering for a local or national body. The options are endless …

As to the setting of resolutions for the year ahead – I’m going to subscribe to the view expressed by Tracy Krimmer in her commitments to herself: Don’t make resolutions. Make lifestyle changes and set goals. As Tracy suggests, resolutions are made to be broken – and the statistics support this. So, we need a new way …

Put your goals on your to do lists!

Please break your goals down into steps, or you will find yourself simply moving that same goal forward week-by-week, month-by-month because you’ve not completed the task, whilst getting absolutely no kudos for the progress you’ve been making … and that’s a sure fire way to make yourself fed up (and give up). So, break it down. Make sure you get to put lots of ticks on your to do list, on your way to achieving that end goal.

Create a Do and Don’t list!

For example: DO watch your favourite shows on television for relaxation and entertainment DON’T watch it for noise, or because you can’t be bothered to move DO try to drink more water daily DON’T limit drinking water to hangover avoidance or recovery

So, sweep aside those tired old Resolutions. Decide to make changes and set goals that will benefit you. That way we can meet here in January 2017, look back at what we achieved in 2016 (and it is likely that many of our achievements won’t have been on January’s to do list, because to do lists are like that – they grow) but we can be sure to smile our way into 2017 … and beyond.

© 2016 Caring Coaching originally posted 20th January 2016