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New Year, new you? No thanks!

On January the 2nd, the hashtag #NewYearNewYou was trending on Twitter. Being a coach, I headed over there pronto to see what I could pick up – some new inspirational quote or meme, perhaps a new twist on resolutions and how to keep them? But what resonated with me was how many people were already rejecting it.

And we’re not talking people who’d picked the wrong resolution, or those who just couldn’t be bothered but ... Well, this tweet put it succinctly ...

The self-development and coaching businesses are a massive growth industry, but I believe this statement has a lot of validity. It’s easy to be glib and to assume that everyone needs or wants to change for the better. It’s even easier to chuck out ideas, suggestions and opinions for how a person might make those changes. And sometimes, for some people, that is all it takes.

But change isn’t easy, especially when the change which needs to happen is the one within us. Being content with life – whatever type of life a person may have – isn’t always an outside-in process. After all, you can have everything you desire in the world and still not be content. The biggest challenge can lie within you – in accepting that you are good enough, in boosting your self-esteem, growing in self-confidence, enhancing self-worth and belief. And that’s where this tweet strikes home. You don’t need to be a new you, you just need to truly believe that the existing you is pretty damn good already and to act on that belief.

And for me, this is where Life Coaching neatly dovetails with Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP provides great tools for working on limiting beliefs, allowing you to quosh previous negative experiences and replace them with more positive ones, encouraging you to dream whilst ensuring that you plan and strategise so as to reach your dream, allowing you to bottle helpful memories and experiences across all five senses so you can call on them whenever you need them to provide support for all your endeavours.

For NLP believes that we have within us everything that we need. Unfortunately, the good stuff can get buried amongst all that other stuff assaulting our brains each and every second of the day. So what NLP does is to help us dig out that good stuff and make it accessible and useful. And that’s how you become the best you. You don’t need to be a new you, just to bring the best of the existing you back to the surface.

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originally posted 27th February 2018