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Feeling good? What if you could bottle that feeling?

Well, you can. I can’t transform it into liquid and put it in a bottle, but I can give you an anchor point to press instead. And when you press that anchor point, you will re-experience everything about that moment when you were feeling good.

Today, I am walking around as if I’m six foot tall. I’ve just completed a demanding, time-consuming period of training. Last night I found out I’d qualified. If I thought last night felt good, this morning has felt even better. Now I’m a naturally happy person – I smile at strangers – and not to freak them out! But today, I’m not just happy, I feel confident. Mega confident. And this is not my natural state …

It’s not due to just the successful completion of training, rather it’s that I’ve had the most amazing anchor set on my arm. It’s a flexible one too. Depending on my needs, it goes from feeling rational, through confidence, all the way up to swagger. It’s such a powerful anchor, that I’m still feeling it today … two days later.

I have another one – on the index finger knuckle of my left hand. That anchor was set in September. It’s my relaxation anchor and I fire that one a lot. Any time life’s been stressful, if I’ve struggled to sleep, when facing exams and assessments, it has been such a godsend. And it worked as well this weekend as it did when it was first set. I press that knuckle and I simply cannot stop my shoulders depressing. And with those shoulders sinking, come all the other lovely calm and relaxed emotions.

So … are there feelings you’d like to bottle? Difficult days you’d face easier if you just knew you could guarantee having your best self present? Whatever feeling(s) you want to bottle – get yourself to an NLP practitioner and get an anchor! Anchors come in all shapes and sizes, they’re multi-purpose and amazing. They’re my favourite NLP tool and not just for myself – I think everyone should have at least one. If you decide to work with me, it’s almost certain we’ll take a few minutes to set one. I’m confident you’ll come to love yours as much as I do mine!

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originally posted 4th December 2017