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Choosing what next

Some lucky souls have always known what their path is - and they follow it successfully. Their passion is both singular and clear. But for many of us, our passion isn't singular, or our skills are such that they can be applied in a wide-ranging series of opportunities. Yes, we need some methodology to help in deciding what way to choose. So, how could we go about it? Are there any questions we could ask ourselves to make this clearer?

When I was in this position, my lovely daughter suggested one question: why? She didn't just give me that single word and high-tail it out of there. No, she pointed me to a talk by Simon Sinek, called: Start with Why. The clip lasts 18 minutes - so just pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and have a listen - its well worth it. There's a website and a book too if they're your preferred media, or you just want to review it at a slower pace.

Sinek tells of the golden circle of processing that individuals and organisations follow. The majority decide first on what, then how and there's usually no space for why. The few who reversed the process and started with why, then moving to how and finally what - those are the truly successful. This is because they place why - their ethos and their passion into the driving position - leaving how and what to follow along naturally thereafter.

In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement (graduation) speech at Stanford University in California. That speech is still being talked about today. An article from Huffington Post reminds us why we need to revisit that speech while listing the five important life lessons it contained :

1) the road to success isn't linear 2) finding what you love is the most important task of a lifetime 3) know that the universe has your back 4) live like you're dying 5) follow your own path

So, its only one more cup of coffee or tea ... and about 14 minutes. Give it a listen. If it helps you to chose what next, isn't that a good use of your time?

© 2015 Caring Coaching originally posted 27th April 2015