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I know that I bore you all to death with my views about the importance of self-care, but this is just a quick post. I recently read an article about self care being more than doing lovely things for oneself – you know, have a massage, take a bubble bath, stroke a puppy kinda thing. It was making the very valid point that self-care is a constant requirement for some, not just something to be practiced when life gets stressful.

And it was hugely important to be reminded about those who struggle with the everyday stuff like getting out of bed, going shopping for food, cooking and eating it, and clearing up afterwards. Things like changing the bedlinen, bathing as a methodology to keep clean not to luxuriate, picking up your clothes, doing laundry and putting it all away when clean. These may be the chores many of us do regularly, but to a person with mental health issues or who is suffering from severe fatigue, these are challenges – genuine challenges.

So when I came across the instagram account of Hannah Daisy, who’s a mental health activist and artist, I wanted to draw it to you attention. If you suffer from mental health or fatigue issues, go, take a look, and award yourselves those badges every time you succeed in carrying out those tasks of self care. Even if you’re not suffering, go and take a look, and then remember to congratulate everyone you know who is suffering when they achieve those small – but hugely important – steps towards caring for themselves.

Oh, and while you’re there, share some of that with Hannah, by leaving her your appreciative comments.

© 2017 Caring Coaching originally posted 16th May 2017