May 22, 2018


TATT – or feeling Tired All The Time – isn’t an acronyn I made up, it’s one that doctors use and use a lot. Especially when describing women ‘of a certain age’. Isn’t that a horrible term? There’s an aspect of judgement to it, suggesting crazy hormonal mood swings, a woman past her best, even a certain nuttiness. But more often, those women are juggling demands that would make a lesser person quail – those of child rearing, employment (be that full or part time), supporting their husband and running a home, as well as caring for elderly relatives or less fortunate members of the community.


Remember Superwoman? Remember being told “you can have it all” and then finding out what it really meant is “you’ll be doing it all”? And whilst we don’t want to return to the dark ages, a bit of balance would be nice …


But doing it all can also mask physical symptoms which could – and should – be addressed. All woman are aware of the menopause, but few are aware of the impact of pre-menopause. If you’re unsure what symptoms might indicate pre-menopause, here’s a link from the Mayo Clinic.  As it shares some symptoms with the menopause, it’s enough to strike fear into the heart of a 40-something woman, who’s not ready to give up on life yet.


But, like all things, you don’t have to suffer silently. Unfortunately, the medical profession – even the female practitioners – aren’t terribly good at dealing with this particular life phase. So, you’re often left to work things out alone. And, when you’re not feeling at your best, that’s a pretty tough ask. Because one real problem is that it might not be pre-menopause – it could also be adrenal burnout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even depression just to name a few options. But unless you’re lucky with your doctor and have a supportive partner/family, you may be just too tired to keep on asking the question.


Rather than end up overwhelmed, a life coach can give you that helping hand to navigate through the process, to find the energy to do your own research, to uncover treatment and lifestyle options that work … for you.



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originally posted 23rd January 2018

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