Burning the candle at both ends

May 22, 2018


I bet you hate that saying, especially when someone – your mother maybe – suggests that’s what you’re doing. And why wouldn’t you? You’re young, you’re talented, you’re ambitious. You work hard, but you play hard too. And that’s a good thing … no? It certainly can be. Especially if you’re enjoying it.

After all, what is stress but …

  • “just a deadline”

  • “nothing gets done without deadlines”

You probably look at those wilting under the pace as being a touch soft, maybe even a bit work-shy. For you’re a high achiever, you’re a success.

But what happens if your body lets you down? If it gets worn out by the constant late nights, by the lack of nutrients in your diet, or by an excess of cortisol?

  • You start to get colds, and they hang around

  • Your complexion goes to pot – spots, patchy dry skin, cold sores

  • You get lots of sleep, but you wake up tired

  • You don’t bounce back after a boozy night out the way you used to

  • You feel cold

  • You get grumpy

But you don’t want to give up this fantastic life you’ve worked so hard to create. You just need a holiday. And that seems to work, at first, but then you find yourself back where you started. And you start to wonder “what’s wrong with me?” In these circumstances, a thorough medical check-up is A Good Thing. But when the medical profession has passed you fit, although they may suggest you need to look at your lifestyle … what then?


The right Life Coach will understand that change isn’t easy, nor is it always welcome, and will care about helping you choose the right strategies to find the right outcome … for you.


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originally posted 15th January 2018


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