The common myth about Depression is it is just a shortage of serotonin, and once we take a pill to redress that balance, all will be well. While there is absolutely no doubt that prescription medication can help by allowing us to function ...

  • if you want to do more than just function

  • if you want to understand why you need more serotonin

  • if you want to address the cause(s) of your depression

... that's what I do. I help you to address these aspects and to make the changes needed to live a better life. 

Even those for whom depression has a genetic, biological or chemical root, improvements can be made. By examining which aspects of your life may be worsening your depression, you can to decide what changes to make for the better.

For a quick reminder of self-management & self-care options, please scroll down. 



Nothing listed below is new, it's just a reminder of how we can best help ourselves.
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Talking to someone you trust - a friend or a family member - might seem hard initially, but many find it can help to share their experiences. Just having someone listen to you and show they care, can help you to them feel better.

If you feel unable to speak to someone you know, you could call an online support service such as The Samaritans. Check my Resources page for details.


!It can be an actual box containing things which spark joy, it can be a list of things you know you love doing, a jar from which you draw out random ideas, a sub-set of bookmarks on your computer taking you to cute/silly clips, a combination of the above, or whatever works for you. The following are just a few ideas to get you started ...


Socialise with friends or family


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