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Scents & smells

Memories and past experiences can be recalled using the full range of senses - sight, sound, smell, taste & touch. Each of us have one (or more) preferred senses, or senses which most powerfully evoke memories of certain of those past experiences for us. In this post, I'm going to focus on smell (with some overlap into taste). While some scents are inextricably linked to the emotions felt during a particular remembered experience - for example cloves and cinnamon are the smell of mulled wine and so of autumn & winter, lavender could transport you back to the crepey skin of your Granny's cheek when you kissed her goodbye, homemade chicken soup remind you of being nursed back to health after a

We should all practice KINTSUGI

When Leonard Cohen famously said: "Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." ... why are we so busy worrying about our broken bits? In the US armed forces, all those wounded in battle are awarded a purple heart. Why then aren't we proud of the wounds we've gained in the battle with life's challenges? Instead we feel forced to hide our wounds, afraid we'll be judged for them, rather than for our ability to survive. In a world where pottery can wear its age and damage with pride, highlighted with the dust of precious metals, surely we humans could do likewise? What if we could point to the harm caused by outside forces to our bodies, to our

How to get better quality sleep

The press is full of the perils of poor quality sleep, but how does a person go about improving their sleep? Here's a scattering of options for you to select from on a pick 'n mix basis, because - as ever - we're all individual, and that goes for what methods will work in achieving a better quality of sleep. I'll start with the old standards and go from there ... Warm bath An oldie but goodie this one - so long as you find taking a bath restful (I don't). The ritual of drawing a bath, adjusting the bathroom lighting to be restful, adding bubbles or oils (remembering to choose scents which are restful, such as lavender, not citrus which will stimulate) all go towards making this an excellent

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