"Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part nag — the personal coach seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body."

I can't remember who said it, but I think it's a pretty good description of the role of life coach

Does the concept of Coaching sound scary? There's no reason to think coaching isn't for you if mental health struggles such as Depression are preventing you from going full speed ahead.

At Caring Coaching, we know that mental health plays an important role in our ability to achieve our hopes & dreams, but believe that's no reason not to follow them. Working with Debs, you'll start achieving your dreams as you learn how to manage your Depression. 


The common myth about Depression is it is just a shortage of serotonin, and once we take a pill to redress that balance, all will be well. While there is absolutely no doubt that prescription medication can help by allowing us to function ...

  • if you want to do more than just function

  • if you want to understand why you need more serotonin

  • if you want to address the cause(s) of your depression

... that's what happens at Caring Coaching. This is where we address these aspects and make the changes needed so you live a happier more fulfilling life. 

Even if your depression has a genetic, biological or chemical root, we can make improvements. By uncovering which aspects of your life may be worsening your depression, changes can be made for the better.

For a quick reminder of self-management & self-care options, please visit my Resources page. 


Currently working via video or telephone call, Debs offers the initial session absolutely free. 
Call today to start your journey towards improved mental health.

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